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    • I am actually going to be taking a Word Press class starting this week in hopes that we can find a better template, etc. So there WILL BE a new friends page and hopefully new photos of the friends!!


  1. I may have spoken of this before, but does anyone know there was a WW2 recreation center in the basement of the library?

  2. How I Got to Yesterday a Fictionalized Memoir

    How I Got to Yesterday by Paul Sedlock (The Nightdream) is an understated, dark, yet sparkling, story of loss, betrayal, addiction, abuse, recovery, and self-acceptance; an evocative narrative of one man’s attempt to find himself and to belong.

    This book deals with overcoming abuse, addiction, betrayal, and reflects a period of time in American culture. It is well written and conveys hope. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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