Elizabeth Forrest-Day

Elizabeth Forrest-Day was the first wife of Dayton founder, Jesse Day. In 1925, the Draper Self-Culture Club decided to change its name to the Elizabeth Forrest-Day Club, to honor the influential pioneer woman. The portrait of Elizabeth was painted as a gift, and donated to the E.F.D. club by Elizabeth’s daughters, Mrs. W.R. Rummler, and Mrs. Asa Singleton.

The portrait was painted using a photograph taken of Elizabeth during her early thirties, and is said to be an accurate and beautiful portrayal of the courageous, kind, and quiet woman. It is said that sometimes, she seems to smile if she ‘approves’ of changes in library decor, and frowns if she does not.

In March of 1939, the E.F.D. Club placed the portrait inside the library, over the fireplace mantle, where it hangs to this day.


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